At CSK support 24, we are always looking for reliable, motivated and dedicated care workers.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our staff, their dedication to their job and the compassion they have for their service users. CSKsupport24 offers competitive rates of pay, flexible working hours, funded training programmes and career development opportunities.

Rigorous Selection.

Our staff is recruited through rigorous selection, which includes face-to-face interviews, Criminal Bureau Disclosure, two written references checks, and a full induction program. All of our staff have achieved a range of qualifications, skills, and experience that will ensure the highest level of quality and initialized care.

Equal Opportunities.

Employees have a duty to co-operate with the company to ensure that this policy is effective, to ensure equal opportunities, and to prevent discrimination. Action under the company’s disciplinary procedure will be taken against any employee who is found guilty of improper or unlawful discrimination. Serious breaches of equal opportunities will be treated as gross misconduct and could lead to dismissal.

Ongoing Training .

It is the policy of the company to take reasonable steps to employ and promote employees on the basis of their abilities and qualifications without regards to race, colour, ethnic origin, nationality, religious belief, sexual orientation, gender, age, marital status or disability. The company will appoint, train, develop and promote on the basis of merit and ability only.

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